Sunday, 4 March 2012

Alternative miniatures: Matchbox Mission Copter

Some readers are no doubt already aware of this little gem. I believe I first saw it on the TMP forums.

I did not pay it much attention then, but a few days ago I stumbled upon the models in a local toy shop and after turning a box over in my hands for 10 minutes, I snagged up all three they had in stock. I will not show the packaging because it changes from year to year (as does the paintjob - just make a Google image search for matchbox mission copter) but this is how it looks inside its little box. At first I was confused by its short tail, but as it turns out, it actually extends to a more reasonable length.

Size comparison with a GZG New Israeli and a Slingshot AFV from Old Crow. Even with the tail boom fully extended, the mission copter is honestly a lot shorter than any real life helicopter I know of, but at least it looks like it comfortably sits two people, more if they're a bit cramped.

The model does not include any weapons although it has some obvious weapon mounting spots. A few spare miniguns or missiles will be required to make it look proper.

I'm not quite sure what I'll do with my little squadron. I would like to extend the tail booms more, but it looks like it would take a lot of work. It probably won't bother me enough not to use the models at all, but if it comes to that, well, they only cost me a few euros, so whatever.

If anyone has done something worthwhile with these little things, please let me know. Ta ta!


  1. These look like handy little models. I don't know why it is, but whenever I have bought Matchbox or similar scaled things I have seen in toyshops/WH Smith etc, when I get them home they are always too big! I need scale recognition lenses in my eyes I guess! Anyhow, good spot!

  2. A little tip I've seen mentioned online is to carry a 15mm figure with you at all times so you can check the scale of any neat model you come across.

  3. Seems to have been based on this

  4. I have drawn the silhouette of a rifle-toting eye-to-footsole 15mm figure on a piece of cardboard and then sealed it with transparent tape, then I carry it with me at all times in my wallet.

    Each time I see a toy which could possibly feature in my 15mm arsenal I take the silhouette out for some quick yet accurate comparison.

  5. Thanx for review. I was this copter in Target yesterday, and now gonna buy it.