Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Old Crow second impressions

So here is a little follow-up to the last article now that I am done assembling the three ground vehicles.

Upon closer inspection I found a few more tiny bubbles, but not nearly enough to change my opinion that these are the best resin casts I have ever seen. I filled those up with some Procreate putty, which is a lot like green stuff but less sticky and easier on the eyes. You can see where I fixed a bubble on the hubcap of the Claymore's front wheel in the first picture. I also included a GZG New Israeli guy for size reference - I will share my thoughts on that model range in a later post.

The Slingshots also needed a few bubbled filled, but otherwise went together without a hitch. 

Size comparison. The Claymore is quite a beefy vehicle compared to the Slingshot.

It is worth noting that there is a substantial size difference between the two Slingshot casts I got, as I was surprised to find when I tried matching the top and bottom hulls together. I would say one is roughly 1.5mm longer, enough to be obvious at a glance if I were to match the wrong hull parts together. Luckily each bottom part matches its corresponding top part perfectly.

And a scale shot with one of my Space Marines to give the GW crowd some idea about the size of these minis.

All in all I am still very happy with these kits and look forward to receiving my next order. When it arrives, you can expect similar a similar review of the following models:

Sabre Heavy Tank (Grav)
Lancer Heavy APC (Grav)
Gladius Medium Tank (Grav)
Glaive Medium APC (Grav)
Trojan Light APC (Wheeled)
Outrider Scout Vehicle (Grav)
Goanna Scout

Wow, that'll be almost the entire range then, won't it? What can I say, when I get into something, I go all the way.

Stay tuned, there will be another interesting review tomorrow. Ta ta!


  1. I really like Old Crow's armor. I have a ton of the Gladius/Glaive vehicles, and a small force of the Hammer's Slammers stuff.

    I always envisioned the Claymore to be the ideal "starter" vehicle for a new mercenary regiment. It has decent armor, the speed and firepower of an MBT, but still carries a full squad of infantry. An organization with limited funds (like a new merc company or some backwater world's planetary defense force) could field companies of these, rather than purchasing separate MBTs and APCs.

  2. Though I'm a 25mm fan, not 15mm, Old Crow is easily one of my favorite companies to deal with, In fact, since I use old school true 25 and not 28mm, Old Crow is for me one of the last bulwarks of civilization. I have a 25mm scale Trojan, and I love it. Mind you, I've reconfigured it a bit, up-armored it, kit-bashed it with details, stowage, etc. Speaking of modularity, one of the things I like about OC is the interchangeability of a lot of the parts; All the turrets among the vehicles are one of three sizes. Also, the design look and feel of the Outrider, Trojan, Slingshot, Provider, and Claymore are vaguely reminiscent of the modern MOWAG line, and as such almost have a modular feel to them to begin with.