Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Introductions are in order

Hello and welcome to yet another 15mm sci-fi gaming blog. You will have to forgive me if I am not as eloquent as some other posters, but this medium is new to me. I have decided to start a blog as an outlet for my thoughts mainly because I cannot seem to find a decent 15mm sci-fi forum.

I have been gaming for about 15 years, but until now I have tended more towards mainstream games that provide a complete hobby package (rules, miniatures and setting) such as 40k and Warmachine. 15mm is a new scale for me and it certainly seems much more difficult to get started. So far I have not found any manufacturer that could offer an extensive model range as well as a strong ruleset and setting, and it seems the gamers are expected to mix and match whatever they like from various sources. Collecting a good-looking and coherent force actually seems to be a bigger part of the 15mm hobby than actually playing games!

So what kind of content can a beginner like me even offer to the community? Well, I think miniature reviews are always welcome, and since I'm just starting out, I should be buying plenty of models. Maybe I can shed some light on some of the model ranges that suffer from poor (or even non-existent) photos on the manufacturers' websites, such as GZG. It can certainly be frustrating to choose a faction when the only photos on the website are smaller than actual size. Come on, why is taking photos so hard? The average cellphone can take better pictures than that! In fact, I think one of my first posts could be a rant about how most of the 15mm industry still seems to be stuck in the 80s...

I might also have an occasional tip about alternative sources of miniatures, like some of those interesting Tehnolog plastics from Russia, modelling advice and possibly some scratch-building articles. I will also share my opinions regarding the state of the hobby (read: I will rant about the things that piss me off) and eventually I might even explain why the blog is called 1%FUTURE.

Well, that's enough for now. I hope to post some actual content later today. Ta ta!


  1. Well Welcome to as they say the dark side. I made the switch back when GW went to 40k v4, and have not looked back. If you think 15mm is a mess now you should have seen it then. One of your statements about getting minis from different vendors is what makes 15mm great. I know it suck to place many orders, but now you have just what YOU want, and not what they want YOU to have. Also there is a great 15mm SciFi yahoo group, and most of us are open to any idea, and suggestion. I like to think of 15mm vs 28mm is like open source vs Microsoft. Open source is a community of like minded people, and Microsoft just wants your money.

    Well please ask any thing.

  2. I agree with you on the fact that it's irritating going to a website and not being able to see a picture of the product, it could be the best model ever but without being able to see it I'm not going to spend my money on it.

    I do disagree with you about the large coherent force. For a start look at Critical Mass Games with the excellent ARC forces, Protolene and other races. There are enough troop choices there for a decent army. Or even look at Khurasan's growing selection of Federal, Red and Krontol armies. Jon is constantly expanding the range.

    I do agree on the ruleset, but you have the new Gruntz system out there which allows for you to create your own armies (a new concept to me), however, I'd love for there to be a 40k rules adaption (2nd ed preferably). I've played 40k since 1993 and it's what I'm used to, but with getting into 15mm I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone.

    Plus 43 figures from CMG at £14.99 is practically a steal!

  3. To the first issue, I have not bought tons of minis based on the fact that if I can not see it I will not buy it. To help this I all ways offer my photos to the vendors for their use.

    Second point, I am an old timer in the 15mm world, and most lines only had two or three minis. So yes I a watching these lines grow over time. To that I have the armies I need at this time, but some day I will branch out and start new armies. My problem is I want to play BIG, and by BIG I mean well over 100 minis per side. Armies of this size take lots of time to build. Now that is my problem, as most people are willing to play smaller games.

    For rules this takes time. Every one wants to play 40k in 15mm (my self included) but the rules were written for 28mm, and smaller battles. So there is a bit to much over head that will slow down larger games.
    For rules I have a crap load. I have Grunts, USE ME 001, Beamstrike, Imperial Commander, I gave Tomorrows war a try, and a bunch of others. All have their own pluses, and minuses. I have found I like USE ME the best, with Gruntz a close second. Why?? Size of the game I want it BIG, and the more rules, and fiddly they are the slower the game.

    But hell if I could find some one to play 40k v2 in 15mm I would be all over that game. See Once GW releases a new version the GW zombies can never play the older versions. Sad as v2 was a great game even if a bit over powered, it was still great.

    Thanks this is a good chat.
    Drop by my blog.

    1. Thanks, I will give USE ME a look, because I also want huge battles! I bought Gruntz and quite like it, but the 2D6 rolls slow it down too much for really large games, I think.

      40k second edition at that scale sounds like crazy talk to me! However, Necromunda is making a comeback of sorts at my local club lately.

  4. Just read through your posts so far, great blog! I look forward to reading your future posts. I'm gonna have to pick up that Old Crow Lander, and I might have to pick up one of those apartment buildings too!

  5. Always good to see another blog about 15mm minis and gaming :)