Thursday, 23 February 2012

First thoughts: Tehnolog Power Plant

With a fistful of infantrymen and a couple of vehicles in my collection now, it's time to get some terrain to play on. I recently managed to get my hands on a pair of Power Plant kits from Tehnolog. These are distributed by Pegasus Hobbies in the US, but until a few weeks ago had been completely unavailable in Europe. Luckily Wayland Games (a large UK online discounter) picked up the line, along with the already well-known Platformer and Hexagon sets.

Okay, so let's check out the goods. For £11.69 (after discount) you get a pretty hefty box.

Inside are 6 sprues (and room enough for at least two more, but what can you do).

You get two of these. These parts clip together to form the main structural pillars of the set.

You also get two of these sprues (they're identical, just shot from different sides). These are absolutely packed with interesting techy parts, pipes, riveted domes, cogs, vents... I get all sorts of neat terrain ideas just looking at these.

Lastly, the box contains a sprue of walls and a sprue of floors. Oh, there's also an instruction sheet with a list of parts and some suggested layouts. This set isn't nearly as flexible as Platformer and Hexagon are as far as the layout of the walls and floors goes, as there just aren't enough differently shaped pieces. The main variation comes from arranging the piping.

This is how the main elements slot together. The pillars can be stacked nicely and the walls slot into the side slots. This all works well without any glue.

And a few test fits of the pieces. The wall construction is honestly kind of bland and looks impractical for 15mm soldiers to crawl around in, but the boiler thing looks great.  I think I'll build some industrial scenery for 15mm using the pipes, boilers and other interesting parts, but save the walls and floors for something more skirmish-y, like Necromunda or Infinity.

For the cost this isn't a bad set to buy and it has some absolutely amazing and unique pieces, but I don't think the walls and floors are all that great for 15mm gaming. If that's all you play, or if you prefer having a lot of platforms for your guys to crawl over, you should consider getting some Platformer or Hexagon instead.

That's all for now. Happy gaming!


  1. Hi, Thanks for the post as I have never see this set my self. As for not wanting to waste any thing, what if you covered the floor sections in window screen. That would make the floor sections look better for 15mm.

    Any was thanks for the post.

  2. I've had this kit for awhile now. In 15mm applications, I think it would be more useful as individual parts than building the entire kit. There are some really useful bits here - great for "futurizing" modern buildings, and you could make some interesting pieces of small scatter terrain from the rest.

    I'd also add that the plastic is nice and soft. One could make ruins out of the wall/floor sections if one didn't like them as-is.